One Reason

January 22, 2009

Meet Morgan. We went to college together. We weren’t BFFs or anything, but he was in the “cool” accapella group on campus with my first real boyfriend. I knew him well enough to know he was smart and funny and to feel dismayed at hearing he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in October 2006. (Spoiler alert: Morgan’s healthy now, case you were worried that this post would end badly.)

The silver lining of this bad news (for everyone but Morgan, anyway) was that Morgan decided to document his experience with a series of videos. In the course of the twenty-two entries, we see Morgan talk to the childhood version of himself, lose his hair, acquire a magical hat and reach remission. I have added a link to the right in case you’d like to see them for yourself. I highly recommend this, but I warn you: you’ll be humming the magical hat song for days to come.

The 22nd entry was dated July 31, 2007. In it, he states that so long as we don’t see a new entry in the cancer vlog series, we can assume he is still healthy.

Here’s to never seeing another entry.


One Response to “One Reason”

  1. Poppa Says:

    Good Reason!

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