First Team Workout

January 31, 2009

Today, we had our first team workout.  I took the morning off from work to be there.  I won’t take time off every Saturday I am scheduled to work, but the first team workout felt important. 

The workout consisted of one hour on indoor bicycles – the kind used for spinning classes, if you are familiar with them.  Using speed of pedaling and resistance, we simulated flat and uphill riding conditions.  It felt good – I broke a sweat, but did not feel exhausted or unable to keep the pace.

Our workout took place at a gym in Sumner called the BodyStudio.  They were kind enough to donate the use of their equipment – we did not have to become members to work out there.  We did share the workout room with a CrossFit (I think) class, though.  Every so often, five or six people would run in and do a bunch of pull ups and then run out.  It made for a nice distraction from our own workout.

I felt a bit silly driving an hour (Sumner is 30 minutes from Tacoma) to ride a stationary bike for an hour, particularly when we had a rare sunny Saturday in January.  I look forward to the spring and consistently decent weather so we can plan bike rides outside as a team.


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