A Runner

February 3, 2009

I wanted to title this post “NotA Runner,” but WordPress will only let me strike through text in the body of the post, not the title.  Odd.  Anyhoo . . .

When I first expressed my intention of participating in a triathlon to a close friend, she reacted by saying, “I thought you hated to run.”  Indeed.  For years, one of the things I felt certain about myself was that I hated to run.  In my mind, the only good reason to run was being chased and I let everyone know it.

A few years ago, a woman named Rhonda Byrne made millions of dollars marketing a concept called “the secret.”  I have not read her book, but as I understand it, the secret goes something like this: when you have a thought, you place an order with the universe.  Positive thoughts will draw positive energy back to you; likewise with negative thoughts.  It drives me crazy that she made so much money pedaling common sense.  It’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If you tell yourself you hate running, guess what?  You will hate running.

I have found that it is not quite so easy as telling yourself you love running and then, bam! you love it, but things get a bit easier.  Today, I ran on my own for the third time.  I have learned that I like running on trails better than running on a track and I like running on a track better than I like running on the sidewalk. Most importantly, I have learned that I do not hate to run.


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