New Team Name?

February 6, 2009

In my last post, I wrote about the first swim workout.  I did not mention the coach, Jim, though I probably should have.  Jim swims very well and, more importantly, Jim coaches very well.  He gets very excited and loud when he starts talking about swimming; I find his enthusiasm contagious.  He also gives suggestions for improvement in easily visualized terms.

He delivered an impromptu lecture on the different ways of swimming and the situation in which you would use them.  He said he imagines different animals as he swims in the different styles.  While sprinting, he embodies a hummingbird, with ultra fast, compact strokes.  When swimming distance, he embodies a migrating humpback whale, with long, slower strokes.  He went on to say that, since our swim is nearly a mile, we should follow the latter model, the migrating humpback whale.

This comment led to a slew of jokes and the suggestion we create a logo and get it printed on swim caps.  Yesterday, Amy (our overall coach) sent the group an email addressed to “Migrating Humpbacks,” so perhaps we have a team name.  It’s a mouthful; not ideal for a cheering but it is funny.  Time will tell if it has staying power.

In other news, yesterday our team had our first track workout.  We warmed up, ran some speed drills, cooled down and stretched.  We probably only travelled three miles total, but my lungs certainly felt it by the end. 

My father was in town (hi, Dadoo!) so I hurried home and quickly showered and changed.  He took Nate and I out to dinner at the Sea Grill.  We opted for the four course chef’s menu with matching wines.  I enjoyed top notch food and company – a lovely reward for my first track workout!


3 Responses to “New Team Name?”

  1. Sean Says:

    You could be the Mi Humps. Then you would already have a built-in theme song. Except of course that it is a really stupid song. Unless sung by Alanis Morissette…

    Think about it…

  2. Anne Jones Says:

    Glad to hear you are off and running (so to speak) even if you are not loving every aspect. I have not grown to love running itself (and was never really a runner previously – 5 miles max in college I think). BUT – what I do love is the way I feel after I run. The clearness in my head, the happy exhaustion of my body, the strong hunger in my belly, and the wonderful comfort that if I was able to get out and run whatever little course I had set out, that everything must be ok. It has grown to be a barometer for me. If I can run, I must be ok. If I can just go for a run, I can deal with ______. Guess those endorphins do get a little addictive after all…

    Pretty soon you will be keeping Nate company on his runs (or vice versa) and I will be mighty jealous. Some people dream of walking hand-in-hand on the beach, I fantasize about long runs through the park. 🙂 Glad you are enjoying your progress!


  3. […] 26, 2009 Long time readers might remember this post, referring to how my team became the “Mi Humps.”  On Tuesday, Sean (also the person […]

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