Fancy New Shoes

February 10, 2009


On Saturday, I bought my first pair of real running shoes.  Up to this point in my life, I always went to the nearest big box sporting goods store and bought whatever they had on sale.  This method did not usually result in great shoes, but, given my activity level, they were probably fine.

When I started my campaign to love running, I quickly realized that new shoes would be a step in the right direction.  My bargain basement shoes left my right knee and hip achy after a run – not very enjoyable.

Our coaches organized a running shoe clinic at Fleet Feet in Bonney Lake.  When I arrived, they had me take off my shoes and socks.  They measured each foot twice – sitting down (no weight) and standing up (with weight.)  Then, they walked me over to a treadmill and had me run (still barefoot) for a minute or so.  The treadmill had cameras set up around it at foot level – in front, in back and from each side.  The cameras were built into the walls, I think because you didn’t notice them unless you looked.

When I got off the treadmill, they reviewed the footage with me.  I learned:

1) I have low arches (technically, I didn’t “learn” this – I’ve known for years.)

2) My left foot holds the arch well.

3) My right foot does not hold the arch when I run, causing my ankle to buckle inwards.  Not pretty, but it went a long way to explaining the pain in my knee and hip.

The good folks at Fleet Feet brought out four or five pairs of shoes and had me try them on.  I found this part a bit difficult since, not being a runner, I was not certain what constituted a good fit.  I tried on a few pairs and decided on the shoes in the picture.  Saucony makes them.  I am sure they have some fancy model name like Athena or TurboWarrior but the box isn’t handy.  They cost about three times as much as my bargain shoes, but Fleet Feet gave us a 15% discount, which helped.

I tried them out yesterday on a run in Point Definace park – I think you can see flecks of dirt on the grey instep.  While these shoes were hard on my wallet, they are easy on my feet – my knee and hip felt fine after my run!


2 Responses to “Fancy New Shoes”

  1. Sean Says:

    Shoes?! Ha! In my day we ran barefoot. That there Wilbur must have a problem trying to dress things. Disgraceful!

  2. […] 7, 2009 Remember back in February when I posted about getting a pair of fancy new shoes?  The store that provided the shoe clinic and gave us the discount also sponsored the Tacoma […]

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