Don’t hate me for this post

February 19, 2009

My right shoulder has felt a bit crunchy, particularly when I swim. It doesn’t hurt exactly, except for a very minor dull ache, but it doesn’t feel quite right, either. I went to the doctor today to have it looked at – mostly for assurance that I won’t wind up a hunchback if I keep swimming.

She did some strength tests and felt the muscles along the shoulder and recommended some steps – stretching, anti-inflammatories, etc. I will also start physical therapy next week, but these steps are all to make swimming easier, not because I am in danger of really harming myself. The PA did say if the physical therapy does not have enough of an impact, she will recommend me for massage therapy. Am I a horrible person that I hope the PT won’t do quite enough?

That is not what the title of this post refers to, however. While discussing my muscle/bone structure, the PA described me as “very thin.” It embarrasses me how many voices piped up in my head as soon as these words hit my ear. One voice said, “Did you hear that? She thinks you’re very thin!” Another voice piped up, “You’re not THAT thin – you could definitely be thinner.” Still a third voice – I think of it as the little feminist in my brain – told both of the other voices that they were being ridiculous. Shouldn’t I be liberated enough to take those words simply as descriptive and not as some sign of affirmation. In addition to all those voices, a final, quieter voice began describing the scene so I could write about it in my blog.

I can’t say that I am proud of the circus in my head, but I suspect others (women, at least) would recognize it so I wanted to share.


One Response to “Don’t hate me for this post”

  1. Sean Says:

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