Scuba scuba doo, where are you?

February 22, 2009

Today was warm enough to go on a real bike ride!  My number one fan and I donned our gear and headed out.  After about 1.4 minutes, it became clear that my rear tire was flat.  I have been using a bike trainer (a stand for regular bikes that turns them into stationary bikes) for the past few weeks, so I had not noticed.  In fact, I wonder if the pressure from the trainer caused my tire to go flat.  Anyway, N very chivalrously changed it for me while I sat and watched.  As he neared completion, he said, “What!? This tube has a patch on it!”  I told him before he started that it had a patch, but sometimes the listening skills are not so much there.  I should have changed my own tire, anyhow, but it was really nice to let someone else do it.

Before embarking on the real ride, we stopped at the local independent bike store and bought two new tubes.  Then we set off for real.  We rode up to and around Point Defiance park, then down to Ruston.  For those of you not in Tacoma, Ruston is a stretch of road that goes along the Puget Sound with a spectacular view of Mount Rainier.  The road itself is not very kind to bicyclists, but there is a walking/biking path so we used that.  This part of the ride did not do much for us aerobically but it was great for people/dog/scuba diver watching.  We must have passed twenty people getting on gear to go scuba diving.  It had me humming, “Scuba, scuba doo, where are you?” over and over.  It may surprise some folks to hear that people dive in the Puget Sound, a body of water that is freezing all times of the year.  It’s possible; in fact, N and I have done it.  All it takes is a full body wet suit, a shortie wet suit over that, gloves, booties and a hood.  You have to really want to do it.

After Ruston, we headed up some really challenging hills, then levelled out and had a pretty easy ride home.  All told, the ride was about 16 miles maybe.  Although we could not feel our toes at the end of it (it is February, after all), I don’t regret it for a minute – it sure beats trying to approximate real riding while on a stationary bike in a stuffy room!


One Response to “Scuba scuba doo, where are you?”

  1. Sean Says:

    I miss riding my bike. I remember when I used to ride south on San Juan, then West on Lincoln, North on Manzanita and then East on Winding to SJ and home. It was always a nice ride. I hope to do it again soon.

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