P.S. Please Donate

February 24, 2009

Tonight, Team in Training is hosting a fundraising workshop.  I think the focus will be primarily on letter writing, with some discussion of special events.  I have them beat on the letters – I spent the weekend writing my own.  TNT will pay for postage on the first 50 letters, so I wanted to have my finished in time to give to the woman at the workshop and save myself a trip up to their Seattle office.

In good librarian fashion, I did some research about fundraising letters before writing mine.  It turns out that when someone opens a fundraising letter, they read it in this order:

1) Signature

2) P.S.

3) Opening paragraph

4) The rest of the letter (if they get this far)

I did my best to “tell the story,” to explain the mission of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and why it is important. 

I must add that I am particularly proud of the envelopes I am using.  I bought them from Paper Zone and they are part of the Eames line (I think).  They are an eye-catching shade of green and a bit heavier than most envelopes, and, of course, I wrote the addresses by hand, so I doubt people will immediately discard them as junk mail. 

In each envelope, I included the letter, one of my special “business” cards (with a green stripe that matches the envelope) and a self-addressed stamped envelope.  All in all, I am proud of the final product.  It represents my best effort.  Time and incoming donations will tell how successful my best effort is.


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