I love Pool Part Deux

February 28, 2009

As I’ve mentioned earlier, we live about two blocks from the University of Puget Sound.  I emailed them and phoned them to see if I could work out an arrangement for using their pool once a week.  Nobody returned my messages.  I spoke with my friend, an alum of UPS, about this and she said I should try to just use the pool.  She predicted that there would just be some work study student who could care less watching over things.  I tried it yesterday and she was right.  I even went up to the young man’s table and asked him if I needed to sign in or anything.  He said “no,” so I hopped right in. 

The UPS pool is 25 meters; all the other pools I have practiced in have been 25 yards.  The difference is only about 6 feet, but I sure felt it.  My big swim at the triathlon will be 1500 meters, so the sooner I get used to  longer distances without stopping, the better.  Yesterday, I took it easy on myself, though – I felt that finding a place to swim was enough of a victory for one day.

Funny note in the embarrassing category: rather than shower and change there, I opted to pull clothes on over my wet suit, rationalizing that I only had two blocks to drive and then would shower at home.  As I approached my car, I noticed that things looked a bit fuzzy and realized I’d left my glasses at the pool.  By the time I retrieved them, my wet suit had soaked the bright pink knit material of my pants, darkening them through the seat and between the legs, making it look as though I’d had an accident.  I wondered if the students I passed were laughing at me and then decided I didn’t really care if they were.  You’d think this realization would be liberating, but in truth, it just made me feel old.


One Response to “I love Pool Part Deux”

  1. Mustaqim Says:

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

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