Bond, James Bond

March 6, 2009

Rumor has it that interval training has benefits even for those training for endurance events.  The theory is that getting your muscles used to spurts of activity helps reduce the build up of lactic acid, allowing one to run without getting achy muscles.  Last night, our group did a track work out where we alternated sprints and periods of slow jogging/walking.  The longest distance of sprinting we did was one lap, about a quarter of a mile. 

It doesn’t look that bad when I read over it, but for a newbie runner, a quarter mile at top speed requires no little effort.  During one of the laps, my coach ran next to me and talked about the tricks she uses to keep herself going.  She loosens the muscles in her upper body and imagines quick, light steps.  I tried this but it did not do much for me. 

What motivates one person will not necessarily motivate another.  Knowing this, I needed to find what would motivate me.  I hunkered down into my Daniel Craig/James Bond run (watch one of his movies, you’ll know what I’m talking about) and imagined N unconscious in the back seat of a villain’s car speeding away.  If I did not catch that car, N would be a goner!

This worked for a short distance, but I regret to inform you that – this time, at least – the bad guys got away.


One Response to “Bond, James Bond”

  1. Poppa Says:

    Don’t give up so quickly on your instructor’s idea. It works!

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