A Discovery

March 20, 2009

Yesterday, the team headed over to Point Defiance park for a running workout.  We jogged from the entrance to Owen’s Beach.  The beach’s parking lot is on a steep incline that my coach calls the “Hill of Love.”  We spent the next fifteen minutes running up the hill and walking back down.  Then we jogged back to the entrance and stretched.

Usually, when I run, it takes me a good while to regulate my breathing so I feel like I’m getting enough.  Even when I hit that point, it feels somewhat unnatural.  Yesterday, running the hills had me really huffing and puffing.   Perhaps that got extra oxygen into my blood/brain – during the cool down run, breathing was no problem.  I didn’t need to think about it at all – in fact, I was halfway through before I realized that I *wasn’t* thinking about breathing.

After the workout, I stayed up until midnight sewing nylon patches onto N’s uniform to make a squirrley suit.  Sewing at midnight is not such a good idea.  Tasks that would present no problem to a well rested brain become incomprehensible and frustrating.  I soldiered on (har har) and finished the job.

You’d think after a hard workout, mental exhaustion and two glasses of wine, I’d sleep like a rock, but no.  Oh well.


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