Baby’s got a brand new ‘do

March 29, 2009

Something one might not consider before signing up for a triathlon – the effect it has on one’s hair.  If you scroll down to my March 19th post, you can see a picture of me with the hair I had when I signed up.  Genetically, I hit the jackpot in terms of hair.  It’s thick, dark and has lots of natural curl but I can straighten it if I want.  Hair like this is happiest when not washed every day – I usually wash it every other day.  Or I did, until I started working up a good sweat every day.  The sweating necessitated washing and the over-washing left my hair frizzy and dry.  On top of this, the chlorine from the pool left the ends feeling slightly crunchy.  After about two weeks of wincing every time I passed a mirror, I said, “Enough, already.  Off with the hair!” 

Here’s the result:



I believe the style is called “Triathlon Chic.”


2 Responses to “Baby’s got a brand new ‘do”

  1. Sean Says:

    Thank you. Thank you very much!

    I totally dig the side burns.

  2. Kimberly Says:

    We all know you did it to improve your time, wind-resistance. 🙂 I like the new look.

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