Adventures of the Jet-Setting Triathlete

April 16, 2009

N and I are experiencing a brief window of the jet-setting lifestyle.  On Easter, we flew down to Monterey for a quick visit with N’s brother and his family.  They are moving overseas in a month and we wanted to be sure to see them before they left.

On Monday, I cajolled N and his brother into going for a run with me.  We ran from the little downtown area along the water to Lover’s Point.  Along the way, we passed seals, otters and a whale.  It was great running weather, as well – sunny with enough of a breeze that I felt a bit chilly when I stopped running.  I asked N’s brother if you become numb to the beauty of the area when you see it every day.  He said no and that made me glad.

Next Tuesday, after my group swim workout, we are catching a red eye flight out to Florida for a friend’s wedding.  We also plan on a day at Disney World and a day doing nothing on the beach.  I am hoping to do my swim workout in the ocean and my run on the beach.  Fitting workouts in while traveling can be a challenge, but the change of scenery makes the workouts more enjoyable.  As an added benefit, after a workout, you feel more entitled to enjoy the extra calories that often go along with traveling!


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