All that Glitters . . .

April 20, 2009

Anyone familiar with Facebook knows that there are a gabillion different quizzes you can take.  They reveal all sorts of interesting things about people, such as what Starbucks drink or Muppet they are.  I recently took one titled “What type of librarian are you?”  Big surprise, it determined I am a children’s librarian.  Here’s the description:

You are a classic bookworm who started reading at an early age and never looked back. Unfortunately, you can’t let go of your childhood memories, so you ended up as a children’s librarian. You’re peppy and upbeat and full of creativity, but “real” librarians want to poke you in the eye with a sharp stick and you’re tired of parents using you as a daycare. When a little kid comes up to you with your latest recommendation and says “I want another book like this,” it makes up for everything.
All in all, a pretty apt description (except for the implication that we aren’t “real” librarians) but it really should mention glitter.  I think any children’s librarian worth her (or his, but usually her) salt is covered in glitter (and or glue, felt scraps, pom pom fuzz) half the time.  Although in my current position, I have no programming, and therefore no craft or storytime, responsibilities, I am still drawn to glitter . . . mmmm, sparkly.
As I mentioned a few posts ago, my fundraising master plan includes a Kentucky Derby party.  I made the invitations this past week.  Pretty simple – a blank card with a brown horse stamped on the front.  On the inside, all the relevant information with a border of red glitter on the side edges.  I learned a trick from good ol’ Martha Stewart for getting even lines of glitter – double stick tape! 
Good idea though it is, my project turned out much messier than the pictures in the book.  On a side note, one day I plan on starting a blog called “#$%&* Martha Stewart.”  This blog will feature, side by side, the example from the magazine and how the real project turned out.  Of course it will also feature funny commentary about how difficult it is to find shoelace licorice.  Anyhow, back to the invitations . . . I used extra fine red glitter so it would stick to the tape better.  Red glitter got everywhere – on my hands, in my hair, on the table, on the wall; you name it, it has glitter on it.  I even got glitter in my food, so I wouldn’t be surprised if even my poop sparkles!  (Apologies for the bathroom humor, but that joke would be a bit hit with the preschool storytime crowd.)

One Response to “All that Glitters . . .”

  1. Sean Says:

    Hee hee hheeeeehheeee
    You said poop.

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