May 20, 2009


It’s been awhile, I know.  My apologies.  I started feeling overwhelmed by my life and then I got sick so I took a week off from training.  It felt great and now I’m ready to finish strong – only five weeks left!

Some quick updates:

  • We get our wetsuits and start practicing in open water tomorrow.  Up till now, all of our swim practices have been in a pool.  Tomorrow, we will swim in a lake for the first time.  I hear that the two most difficult aspects of open water swimming are the temperature (cold!) and not having lines to guide you.  It’s possible to swim off course without realizing it.  Not good. 
  • I am still fundraising, but getting oh, so close to my goal .  On Saturday, I gave out balloons at a local farmer’s market for a suggested donation of $1.  If you need to raise money, this is a great fundraiser – easy, cheap if you get the helium donated, it advertises itself and what little kid doesn’t want a balloon?  I’ll probably write a longer post on this later – it was a really good time. I am now at $3400 – only $500 left to go!
  • I will be racing in a sprint distance triathlon on the 30th of May.  It has all the same components of my big race, but the distances are only about half as long – 750m swim (.47 miles), 20 km ride (about 12 miles) and 5 km run (about 3 miles).   My coach suggested it so I can get a feel for the transitions between sports.

That is it for now.  I will try to post more about my balloon fundraiser later.  I’ll also be sure to include pictures from the sprint triathlon after it happens.


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