You can ask anything on the Internet

May 29, 2009

Most people who race triathlons wear tri shorts. These look a lot like bike shorts but the chamois (this is a fancy word for the padding) is much thinner and made of a material that dries very quickly.  You want quick drying because these shorts are worn under the wetsuit during the swim portion of the race.  You get out of the water, strip off your wetsuit, put on a racing jersey and shoes and jump on your bike.

I bought my first pair of tri shorts yesterday in preparation for the sprint triathlon I am racing in tomorrow.  There was only one problem – I didn’t know if they were supposed to be worn with underwear or not.  I felt embarassed asking, so I referred to the oh-so-handy Google.  I typed in “tri shorts with underwear” and found the topic as a discussion thread on a bulletin board. 

Turns out the answer is no underwear.  Lots of people felt the need to weigh in on the subject and everyone said no.  Until the very bottom, that is.  One fellow wrote, “Guys, stop messing with the newbie.  Of course  you wear underwear!”  Then, after scrolling down about four inches, I saw that he added, “Just kidding!”

I guess I’ve undone the anonymity of asking an embarassing question on the Internet by writing a post about it, but there you have it – no underwear.


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