Baby Triathlete

June 4, 2009

On Saturday, I raced in the Issaquah Sprint Triathlon. It has all the tri components, only shorter distances. The course included a 400 meter swim (imagine 16 lengths of an average gym pool), 15 mile bike ride and 3 mile run. 

I did all right – nothing to be ashamed of but nothing to brag about, either. My overall time was 1:36:19, doing the swim in 7:23, the bike in 49:16 and the run in 33:49. I think I embraced the saying “there’s no shame in walking” a little too freely during my run. The other people in the race were SUPER nice, though. As they zoomed past me walking, lots of people offered words of encouragement and one guy even offered me something to eat. The whole event had a very positive vibe. Once the race was over, it felt like a festival.

I’m really glad I did the short triathlon – the run was a wake-up call for me. No more slacking on my run workouts.


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