Things are going swimmingly

June 11, 2009

Last week, our swim practice consisted of a 45 minute time trial.  Basically, we started swimming and 45 minutes later, we stopped.  No breaks to drink water, discuss world politics or catch our breath.  The coach tracked how far we swam.  He yelled out when we hit 1500 meters, the distance we will swim in the race, but we had to keep swimming even after we hit that distance.

I hit 1500 meters at 29:30 and that is including the 30 or so seconds it took me to adjust my goggles after they filled with water.  By the end of 45 minutes, I swam 2250 meters.  This means I was keeping a pretty steady pace – about 50 meters per minute.  I have come to the point in my swimming where I feel something like a machine – I no longer have to think much about swimming, I just do it.

This is a marked difference to when I started five months ago.  Then, swimming took a lot of thought: don’t kick so much, hold your arms a certain way, breathe at this time.  The first six weeks or so, I dreaded swim practice and I would feel physically ill right before practice started.  I can’t pinpoint exactly when that feeling went away, but as I felt more confident in the water, it decreased.

I included the last paragraph because I hope it encourages anyone who is thinking about taking on a physical challenge but feels daunted.  It does not happen all at once, but it does happen.


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