Tiny Shorts

June 16, 2009

This past weekend, N and I attended four barbecues!  On Friday night, we drove up to Seattle and joined Team in Training’s Seattle Triathlon team for a send-off celebration.  As far as barbecues go, it was great.  They had a keg of beer from a Bend, OR (near the race site) brewery.  They also had amazing ribs, chicken and lots of good side dishes. 

The people were also very nice.  Seattle has a much larger team than Tacoma.  Right now, our team is down to 3 (possibly 4) official members.  Seattle’s team has at least 20, maybe more – it was difficult to distinguish the team members from friends and family.  They were all very nice and seem like an interesting bunch of people.

At the send-off, we received the rest of our TNT gear.  We got our wetsuits about a month ago, but on Friday night we also received a singlet (imagine a zip-up tank top) and tri shorts emblazoned with the TNT logo.  I am told that there will be tons of fans at the race that cheer whenever someone in this gear goes by.  Taking the items out of the plastic alarmed me a bit – they looked tiny.  But, they are made of spandex, so when I put them on, they fit.  Not the most flattering clothes I’ve ever worn, but I guess I won’t be thinking much about my vanity when I’m in the midst of the race.


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