Dream a Little Dream

June 26, 2009

We leave today for Sunriver – in four hours in fact!

Last night I dreamt that I ran the triathlon.  A very complete dream, it had all the stages of the race – swim, bike and run.  I particularly remember the run portion, running through a tunnel-like area and pacing myself with some guy as we talked.  Most of all, I remember finishing and thinking, “Well, I rocked that.”

Then, my consciousness stepped up a plane as I ascended from deep sleep and it dawned on me that the race is in the future, not the past.  The part of me that isn’t looking forward to working really hard for 3-4 hours was disappointed but the majority of me felt happy that it’s still ahead of me and I’ll have more concrete memories when it is finished than a dream can provide.  Best of all, silly though it seems, part of my brain still thinks – I did it once, I can do it again, no problem!


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