One day

June 27, 2009


We made it safely to Sunriver.  Team in Training put us up in a very large, slightly shabby condo in the Sunriver Resort.  I’d guess it was built 105-15  years ago and at the time was the height of rustic chic.  Now, it’s still nice but certain details such as the bathroom tile betray its age.  That said, it’s probably nicer than anything N and I would have found.

My dad is arriving some time this afternoon.  I think his feelings were slightly hurt when I started referring to N as my “number one fan.”  Truly, my father shares the spot of “number one fan” and he’s been in the spot 26 years longer!  The condo has a second bedroom so he’ll be staying here with us.

I walked over to the resort’s grocery store this morning to pick up some half and half.  I passed lots of people wearing race numbers for the half marathon.  Sunriver is hosting a whole “race weekend.”  I know today is the half marathon and half ironman triathlon.  Tomorrow is my race plus a 10K run.  I think there are some events for kids thrown in there also.  Just walking past the runners, I picked up some of the race day excitement.  I can’t wait for tomorrow, but I’m also looking forward to the events of today – picking up the race packets, racking my bike, taking the resevoir for a test swim.  I already changed a tire this morning – it managed to go flat on the way up.


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