Morning before

June 28, 2009

The race starts in two hours, 42 minutes.  Other than waking up an hour early and being unable to fall back to sleep, I feel good.  Calm.  For now.  For breakfast, I am dining on cinnamon toast, a banana and a glass of cytomax, a gatorade-like drink.  I miss my morning coffee, but I need to avoid dehydrating right now.

Speaking of dehydrating – after a bit of car trouble, my father arrived safely last night.  He and N put down two bottles of wine between them.  No commisery-induced temperance for this condo! I’ll make up for it tonight.  I called dibs on as much of the remaining good bottle of wine as I want. 

Now the race is two hours, 36 minutes away.  I am meeting up with the rest of the group at seven.  This race has an interesting set up.  We drive about 25 miles away and swim in a reservoir.  Then, we bike back to the resort – the ride is actually 28 miles.  Then, we run around the resort – 6 miles.  Then, we’re done!  Did I mention that our condo has tub with jacuzzi jets in it?  Guess where I’ll be this afternoon?

I guess that’s it for now.  I’ll write again this afternoon or tomorrow morning.  Hopefully, N will take lots of pictures and I can post some.

Wish me luck!


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