September 21, 2009 – Santorini

October 7, 2009

We enjoyed the ferry ride yesterday.  We treated ourselves and paid an extra 10 euro for seats in business class.  That section of the ferry had very few people in it – less that 1/10th full.  It also had seats that faced the forward window so passengers could watch the ferry’s progress like looking through the windshield of a car.

We arrived at Santorini on time and found the local bus headed to Fira.  Large bus + narrow, steep, sharply curving roads = an exciting ride!  I did not worry, though, since I know the bus driver had done the drive hundreds of times.  Plus, I think there’s a special angel who watches over passengers in taxi cabs and other perilous modes of travel.

We exited the bus in Fira, grabbed some money at the ATM and hopped another bus to Imerovigli.  I was concerned about how we would find the apartments since the guide book and website did not give an actual street address, but we soon found signs guiding our way.

The Annio Flats are built into the cliff and have a spectacular view of the caldera.  The room itself is fairly spartan, but the exterior fulfilled every expectation I had of the Greek Islands – white buildings with bright blue accents highlighted by fuschia bougainvillea. The room has its own terrace for lounging and taking in the view.

The exterior or our room at the Annio Flats, Santorini.

The exterior or our room at the Annio Flats, Santorini.

One view from our terrace.

One view from our terrace.

When we checked in, an older Greek man with iron gray hair, blue eyes and a deeply lined tan face greeted us.  He looked as though he stepped off a postcard.  He did not speak very much English, though.  He wound up calling his daughter, who sounded as though we had waken her from a nap, and we made the necessary communications.

After settling in, we headed to the market and bought a bottle of ouzo, coffee supplies and some snacks.  We spent the rest of the day sitting on our terrace reading, drinking ouzo and watching the sun set.  After our sleepless night, it took all of our power to stay awake until the last rays faded but we made it – and fell soundly asleep at 8pm.

N enjoying a glass of ouzo on our terrace.

N enjoying a glass of ouzo on our terrace.


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