September 23, 2009 Part II

October 10, 2009

We enjoyed a last breakfast overlooking the caldera view, then checked out of our little apartment.  We returned our rental car but just missed the bus to Fira.  Rather than wait another thirty minutes, we hoofed it.  Once there, I bought some stamps and mailed the postcards we’d accumulated up to this point.  I’m sure they’ll arrive a month after we return home, but at least they’ll have a Greek postmark.

We caught a bus out to Perissa, a village on the eastern coast of Santorini.  It is primarily a beach town, catering to sun worshippers.  Determined to do our part to support the local economy, we rented an umbrella and two lounge chairs and sunned ourselves for a couple of hours.  We attempted swimming but the water was COLD so we spent most of our time on dry land.

Perissa beach

Perissa beach

After we reached our fill of sun and sand, we retreated to a beachside cafe to linger and drink beer until the time arrived to go to the port and catch our ferry.  The beach affords some great people watching.  We, as Americans, are in the minority here.  We’ve seen lots of old dudes in speedos and I’m pleased to report that America does not have the monopoly on fat.  The dudes in Speedos are not Greek but that reminds me of another thing I’ve observed.  I have not really seen any obese Greeks – no super fit ones, either.  They all seem to exist in a soft but not fat middle ground.

Ancient Thira is at the top of the rock on the left.

Ancient Thira is at the top of the rock on the left.


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