September 29, 2009

October 15, 2009

I woke up this morning and headed downstairs.  Margot already left for school but I walked with C (Chloe’s mom) to take Chloe to school.  I got to take a tour of the school and it makes me wish I could go to kindergarten.  For parts of the day, kids have freedom of choice about where they want to spend time.  This includes the cafeteria and dress up room!  Chloe showed us her personal drawer, which she had stuffed with dead leaves.  She really wanted C to take them home but C held her ground about waiting until they had a bag. 

C works from home so after dropping off Chloe, she went upstairs to work.  Eventually, N and K (N’s brother) woke up and we talked until J (N’s other brother) came home around 11:30.  The four of us piled into the car and went on a field trip to Hochheim am Main, a quaint little town surrounded by vineyards. 

Vineyards at Hochheim am Main

Vineyards at Hochheim am Main

We ate lunch, then rambled around until it was time for ice cream (vacation is a tough life!).   We ate the ice cream in front of the shop and talked .  As we got up to leave, a woman asked if we were from America or Great Britain.  We told her and she proceeded to tell us about how she fell from a horse when she was fourteen (thirteen years ago) and when she regained consciousness she could not remember anything.  She also had trouble moving her right side.  She  told us about her mother’s health difficulties and her struggle to find a new place to live.  Then, she asked J if he had a “handie” – a cell phone.  He thought she wanted to use it but she actually wanted his phone number.  When J realized what she meant, he must have paused awkwardly because she said, “Oh, no, you’re probably married with two kids.”  We had to laugh because he is married with two kids!

We returned to J & C’s house and hung out until it was time for K to catch his train.  After the girls went to bed, the grown-ups had a lovely dinner of soup, salad and a tomato tart.

The T Boys

The T Boys


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