September 30, 2009

October 16, 2009

Last night, I had a crazy dream.  I forget most of the details but I know there was some sort of mystery that I was trying to solve by following a trail of clues.  Of course, I woke up before I cracked the case.  Drat!

I went downstairs in time to see J & C’s oldest daughter leaving for school.  She was wearing the shirt we brought her from Greece.  Hurrah!

C left to walk Chloe to school.  I intended to stay at the house and write but I heard C trying to coax the girl off the doorstep for a good five minutes.  When I heard her say, “N and J” (the rest was in fluid French and I did not catch much of it), I stepped out and asked if it would make life easier for me to walk to school with them.  C answered in the affirmative.

Chloe let me hold her blankie and pillow during the walk.  We passed Margot’s school and she was playing on the playground.  She ran over and gave me a big hug, clearly proud to have a visitor.  Once we returned to the house, N and I took out a couple of bikes for a ride.  First, we rode to the local town and had breakfast at a cafe.  N has retained enough of his German from when he studied abroad that he was able to order for us.

N is fearless when it comes to languages. In Greece, he would study the phrase book and break out some Greek whenever he could, even though there was a 95% chance the person spoke at least some English.  Even if he mangled the phrase, it had an instantaneous effect.  Little old ladies would go from looking very suspicious to wearing expressions of, “Oh, what a nice young man!”

We also rode to the supermarket and bought groceries for dinner.  On the menu: pork roast stuffed with apricots, mashed sweet potatoes with ginger and brussel sprout hash.

J was home from work by the time we returned from the grocery store.  We ate some bread, cheese and cold cuts and then headed out again.  This time, we took the train to Darmstadt and wandered about, looking at the stores.  We ended up with beers in a square near the train station.

That night, N and I prepared dinner without incident.  I even managed to cook the pork in and oven that measured the temperature in Celsius!  Post dinner, much silliness ensued as we helped the girls get ready for bed.  Imagine tutus as wigs and really fake British accents.  Once the girls went to sleep, the adults stayed up much too late talking and making a serious dent in J & C’s digestifs.

N and I acting silly

N and I acting silly


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