October 1, 2009

October 19, 2009

N and I awoke feeling the effects of the night before – I did, at least.  Still, we got up early enough to see the girls off to school.  We had a quiet morning reading magazines and taking a walk.  The town where J & C live has much farm land around it.  We saw a field of celery.  It’s odd, I’ve never thought about celery growing before, but now I’ve seen it!

In general, Germany (at least the parts I have seen) is a very tidy, orderly sort of place.  N would love to live here one day.  I wouldn’t mind it at all but I would not want to live here permanently.  I think it’s a bit too tidy, but maybe that’s just the suburbs, not the cities.

The girls came home from school early and the whole gang headed out for a family field trip to a place called Schloss Freudenberg.  It is an experiential museum in a decrepit mansion.  All of the exhibits feature a hands-on component and most of them illustrate some scientific principle.  All of the exhibit notes were in only in German so I sometimes found it a challenge figuring out what I was supposed to do.  If I got really stumped, I could always ask J or C.

My favorite part of the museum was the outside – they had a gigantic swing set where two swings faced each other and were joined along the top with ropes.  As one person swung forward, it would pull the other person back.  At one point, J won the father of the year award by scaring M when her swing went too high.  She cried, J laugh and C scolded him for laughing.

N on the swings

N on the swings

Another cool outdoor feature was two giant carved wooden heads that sat about 25 yards from one another.  There must have been a pipe system connecting them because when you talked into the ear of one, you could hear the words in the ear of the other. 

Me with the talking head thing.

Me with the talking head thing.

After the museum, it was home for a delicious dinner of German sausages, more talking and an early bedtime.


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