October 2, 2009

October 19, 2009

N, Chloe and I waiting at the train station.

N, Chloe and I waiting at the train station.

Homeward bound!

Our journey home required:

1) Walk to the train station

2) Two commuter trains to get to the airport

3) Flight to NY’s JFK

4) Three hour layover

5) Flight from NY to Seattle

6) Shuttle from airport to off-site parking lot

7) Drive home

We started moving at 8:30am German time and opened our own door at 9pm Pacific Standard Time.  When you factor in the time difference, this was just under 22 hours of travel.  Whew!

Luckily, it went fairly smoothly.  The only glitch that made us nervous occurred at the Frankfurt airport.  Germany was on heightened alert after some al-Qaeda threats.  After we checked in, we went to security and the lines were SO long.  We stood in the line that seemed a bit shorter and moved much faster.  Only after standing in that line for 30 minutes did we get close enough to see the sign indicating that it was only for European Union citizens.  At that point, it was too late to go to the back of the other line, so we opted to brazen it out and see what happened.  Nothing, it turned out.  They let us through with no hassle.

We did not have enough time to spend our last Euros at the duty free store but that turned out for the best.  If we had bought alcohol at the duty free store, we would have had to check our luggage at JFK.  Also, they would not let me take the apricot jam made by C’s mother.  I tried arguing with the attendant that it wasn’t liquid but they were not moved by my plea.  Perhaps al-Qaeda  has been experimenting with explosive jam technology.  I hear it’s cutting edge.

All in all, a great trip but we were still very glad to get home!


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